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Connect your CRM to your Data Warehouse with Stacksync!


Google BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehousing and analytics platform that enables users to analyze and process large datasets using SQL-like queries. It is highly scalable and allows users to store and query massive amounts of data in real-time.
Check out our BigQuery guides to get started and sync data to your other systems and databases!

Things to keep in mind

Quotas and Limits

There is a limit of 1,500 table modification that can be made to a BigQuery table in a day. Table modifications include DELETE, INSERT, MERGE, TRUNCATE TABLE, or UPDATE statements. If a table reaches this limit, any new modifications made through some independent load jobs might fail. However, Stacksync operations are designed to avoid quota limitations so your syncs won't fail.
This is a restriction set by Google, for more details:

Views are not supported

As of now, only tables can be synced with Stacksync. Views and materialized views cannot be synced, but we are working on it! Stay tuned!