Delete Record Protection

Data sync is a powerful tool that can have consequences if wrongly used. Delete Record Protection enables you to prevent unintended record deletion if you know that your use case does not requires deletion at all.

For example, let's say you have a Salesforce account connected to your Postgres database. If you don't want the deletion of records in your Postgres database to delete the synced record in your Salesforce, you can set up the delete record protection for Salesforce.

Set up

Once your base is created, go on the Dashboard page, click on your base and then on the app where you don't want the records to not be deleted.

Upon deactivation of the delete protection, all the records that should have been deleted if the record protection was not on will get deleted instantaneously. This is a non revertible operation.


Delete Record Protection also works for 1-way syncs.

You can activate the delete record protection for both apps at the same time. When a record will be deleted in any of the apps, it won't be deleted in the other app.

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