Authorize BigQuery

Authorize your BigQuery app and sync data with Stacksync

Enabling Required Google APIs

The following APIs are required by the Stacksync services in order to access the data and create a sync in Big Query:

  1. Cloud Run API (to create a secure portal for real-time notification service in your space)

  2. Cloud Resource Manager API (to setup all services)

  3. BigQuery API (this is where your data resides)

  4. Eventarc API (a notification service that enables real-time updates to happen)

2. Search for the API "cloud run api"

3. Click on the API "Cloud Run API"

4. Enable the API

5. Repeat Steps 2-3 for the following APIs

Cloud Resource Manager API

BigQuery API

Eventarc API

Create Service Account

The Service Account gives access to Stacksync to your data for it to be synced. It is used to set up all the necessary Stacksync Services in your Google Cloud Project. You will need to create one Service Account dedicated to Stacksync which will enable you with better access control.

2. Click "Create Service Account"

3. Fill in the Service Account details

3. Click "Select a role"

4. Add the following Roles to the Service Account

These roles are necessary for Stacksync to get data access and setup the required services to make the data sync happen.

  1. BigQuery Data Editor

  2. BigQuery Job User

  3. Cloud Functions Service Agent

  4. Cloud Run Developer

  5. Eventarc Event Receiver

5. Click "Continue"

6. Click "DONE"

Adding Credentials to Stacksync

2. Click "Keys"

3. Click "Add Key" and Select "Create New Key"

4. Select Key Type "JSON" and Click "Create"

After clicking Create, the JSON file will be downloaded.

5. Select Big Query in the Create Base page in Stacksync

6. Upload the JSON file from Step 4 and Click "Authorize App"

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