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Update Base configuration

As your business evolves, your data evolves. Stacksync got your covered and lets you update your sync configuration (change table and column names, add/remove columns in sync, change datatypes,...).
Updating a base can be done in simple steps. Here is how:
Update your Base configuration GIF Guide

Step 1: Pause your base

If your data keeps syncing while you modify your schema, table or column names/types in one of your synced apps, this could impact data in your other app in sync. This is why pausing the base ensures maximum comfort for your sensible manipulations.
Pause your Base (Switch OFF)

Step 2: Modify your schema, table or column names/types in your external apps

Now you can do any modification you would like, feel free!
All modifications are allowed, no limits!

Step 3: Update your base configuration

In your dashboard, open the base details of the base impact by your changes.
Open Base details
Click "Edit base" and follow the guided steps.
Start Editing Base
This process is very similar to the base creation process (re-authorize apps if necessary, map tables and fields) but with additional features that enable you to keep going from where you left off! 🪄

Step 4: Confirm your changes

Modifications to base configuration are not reversible. Double check your new configuration before validating!
Save your Base edits

Step 5: Turn sync on!

Turn sync on and data starts syncing between your apps!
That's it! 🎉 Data will start syncing between your tools.