Two-way sync

Stacksync lets you sync your apps in real-time and two-way! Really! 🥳✨

Stacksync offers true two-way sync. Once set up, you can update data in either connected app and it will sync to the other in real-time.

Enabling two-way sync for a new Stacksync base is a straightforward process. Just switch the direction arrows to the two-way mode:

Read-only fields

Some tables contain fields that can only be read, but not written to. We call these managed fields which are read-only.

If you choose two-way sync, the read-only fields will only sync in one direction while the other fields will still sync two-way.

Some examples of read-only fields can be:

  • the record id managed by your CRM

  • last_modified_time managed by your CRM

  • formula or computed fields managed by a certain platform

  • read-only columns defined for a certain database user


Two-way sync is not compatible with Database view sync If you are using a database view sync, you can only sync one way from your database to your other app. This is because it is not possible to write data to a view.

Stacksync does not "merge" duplicate records when you first turn on two-way sync

When initially activating two-way sync, duplicate data is not automatically merged. For a smoother experience, we recommend starting with one of your Apps to be empty (e.g. start with an empty database when syncing Postgres and Salesforce, or vice-versa). Once the synchronization is started, subsequent updates will seamlessly sync in both directions. Please refer to the details below for further information:

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