🚰Manage API rate limits

Define the maximum number of API calls to your App at peak times.

Stacksync will sync data between your Apps in real-time. To do so, we try to transfer data as fast as possible. When you modify many rows/records at the same time, Stacksync will also intelligently batch your data so that fewer API calls are made to your apps, while maintaining a real-time performance. This will lead to lower API consumption and potentially lower your CRM/Database bill compared to a custom in-house API integration.

When a massive number of records are created/updated/deleted, Stacksync will spin up more workers and parallelize processes to get your data synced faster.

You have the option to define how many requests/API calls can be made to your Apps at peak times or within a certain time window to make sure you do not to exceed your rate limits and manage the load to your services.

Remember: this is only the maximum speed at which Stacksync will call your Apps at peak times when your Apps are very active. When no data is updated, Stacksync will not make any call to your Apps in most cases! For some tables using regular polling, a small number of queries might be made when your data is inactive, but still much less than your defined API rate limit.

Rate limiting is a native feature at Stacksync. You can set rate limits for each of your Apps as follows:

  1. Open a Base

  1. Click on an App

  1. Make your changes and save!

💡 We recommend using a smaller scale (such as seconds or minutes) for your API rate limits. It is better to have your data synced at a regular speed. Using a window in hours or days might lead to have your data unsynced for the rest of the time window if not enough credits are available. Instead, you can simply spread them out evenly over time with a seconds or minutes scale.

Ideally, 5 to 10 requests per second are ideal to maintain a real-time sync performance in most cases.

Examples of recommended settings ✅ :

  • 5 requests per second

  • 100 requests per second

  • 200 requests per minute

  • 10000 requests per minute (or a proportional equivalent in seconds, depending on your requirements)

Examples of non-recommended settings 🫤:

  • 50 requests per hour

  • 1000000 requests per hour (💡 rather use a proportional rate per second)

  • 100 requests per day

Saved changes might take up to a minute to propagate and take effect.

When no data is updated on any of your Apps (for 1-way or 2-way sync), Stacksync will not query your Apps as no data needs to be transferred. There can be some exceptions to that rule but these are negligible.

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