Content Creator Guidelines

Stacksync published content should have a consistent styling across publications. These guidelines help you build amazing content ready to be published!

The content creator programme page can be accessed at:

Which tools can I use?

You are free to use any tool you like to build amazing content, feel comfortable to use your own stack. If you do not have a favourite stack yet, check our recommendations:

  1. Guidde to make stunning tutorials in no time. You can create a free account.

  2. Zappy for screen recording + imovie for video editing

  3. ScreenStudio for screen recording

  4. Shottr for screenshot (screenshots of all shapes! even pages!) and image editing

  5. 3D transformer for beautiful 3D images

  6. Brandbird for pixel perfect gradient images

  7. Carbon for beautiful code snippets

Examples of Contents



Video guide:

And there are many more around! Feel free to also get inspired by other best-practice companies such as Stripe, AppSmith and more.

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