🌍Choose data processing region

Stacksync lets you choose where your data is processed so you can ensure maximum system speed and compliance.

Choosing Data Processing Region is available for PRO and ENTERPRISE plans. Please upgrade your plan if you do not see the option to select your preferred region.

The Processing Region feature offered by Stacksync allows clients to select the region where their data will be processed when syncing between your apps. This feature enables clients to ensure compliance with data regulations and optimize system performance by leveraging the proximity of data processing with the synced services.

With Processing Region, clients have control over the geographical location where their data transits during synchronization processes. By choosing a specific region, clients can align their data processing practices with relevant data protection and privacy regulations, ensuring compliance with regional requirements. This feature is particularly valuable for organizations operating in multiple jurisdictions with diverse data governance frameworks.

Additionally, the Processing Region feature optimizes system performance by reducing latency and enhancing data transfer speeds. By selecting a region in close proximity to the synced apps, clients can minimize data transit times and improve the overall efficiency of their sync.

Stacksync emphasizes data security throughout the synchronization process. All data transiting between applications is encrypted to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the information. By combining strong encryption protocols with the flexibility to choose a preferred processing region, Stacksync provides clients with a reliable solution for seamless and secure data synchronization between Enterprise systems, CRMs and databases.

Please contact us for any new region you would like to use! We can open new regions on demand.

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