Database Query

Execute a query in any database/data warehouse when some data events events (e.g. a record is updated).

This field will work as query maker for your database. It should follow the syntax of the database that is being queried.

You can execute any query to the database of your choice, it does not have to be the database that is synced in the base. The query will be executed as is, we will not be running any checks to verify if the query is valid. If the query fails or timeouts, the failure will not stop the execution of other triggers as every trigger will be fired up independently.

The <<record>> placeholder will be replaced by the JSON string of the details of the record. Properties of the record can be accessed by using a period "." to access the property. This can be nested if the property is a JSON.

For example, a database insert query for PostgreSQL:

// Sample <<record>> JSON
      "street":"123 Main Street",
      "postal_code": 650

// PostgreSQL query to insert name and the postal code
INSERT INTO user_table (user_name, postal_code)
VALUES ('<<record>>.name', <<record>>.address.postal_code);

Notice that the <<record>>.nameplaceholder is enclosed in single quotes as the column is of type string whereas <<record>>.address.postal_code is not enclosed in single quotes as the column is of type int.

The query should follow the syntax of the database.

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